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The 4 C's of Diamonds

Since diamonds are so valuable, it is essential for jewelers to have a universal grading system when comparing diamond quality. In the mid-twentieth century, GIA (Gemological Institute of America) developed the International Diamond Grading System and the 4 C's as a way to objectively compare and evaluate diamonds. 

  The four C's of diamond quality will give you a multitude of information about a diamond's characteristics and value, but they cannot begin to describe one elusive quality, beauty. To do this, you will need to experience the diamond with your own eyes. This is where Jewelry World's knowledgeable staff is here to help. We carry a large selection of loose and mounted diamonds and specialize in educating our customers on the diamonds they are purchasing.

  Carat Weight

Diamond size is determined by its carat weight. One carat is divided into 100 points. A 50 point diamond is 1/2 carat or .50 carats. Carat was derived from the use of the carob plant seed.


A diamond's color is at its best by not showing any color at all. Diamonds are mined in a range of color, white to faint yellow or brown, to the very rare fancies such as pink, blue and green. 


A diamond's clarity is determined when viewed by a trained eye under 10 power magnification. Most diamonds contain internally natural birth marks, known as inclusions. Fewer and smaller inclusions result in increased passage of light. This is the essence of a diamond's brilliance and fire. 


This term is used to describe the quality of the cut (not the shape) of the diamond. A well cut diamond is better suited to handle light internally creating more scintillation and sparkle (fire). Proportions and symmetry as well as polish are taken into consideration. 




 The Fifth C of diamond buying is confidence

Having confidence in your jeweler is as important as knowing the four C's. Thomas Cole, owner of Jewelry World & Loan, has been a diamond broker for the past 30 years. Thomas has been serving Ramona since 1985, and is well known throughout San Diego County in the diamond industry for his expert knowledge, trustworthiness, and honesty. You know you can count on Jewelry World when it comes to selecting your diamonds. Stop in to Jewelry World and meet Tom., his wife Kathleen, and their friendly and knowledgeable staff. Feel free to ask for a lesson on the C's of diamond buying. They will gladly show you the importance of knowing your diamond's beauty and a jeweler's expertise. 

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